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Cards for Smelling Bottles
Nut Cards
Color Boxes
Sand & Water Table Instructions Bell Songs


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Sensorial Materials

Cards for Smelling Bottles

3 Part Cards for Herbs to use with smelling bottles. donated by Tiffany

Nut Cards
3 part Cards - Nuts Donated by Tiffany

Color Boxes 

Donated by Julia - Instructions: For the first and second boxes print out two copies.  For the third box, just print out one copy of each.  Cut each pair out and fix back to back before laminating. 

Note:  Computer monitors and printers are all different so these colors may not be accurate on your computer.  My suggestion is to test one page first before printing all the files.  ~ Heather



Sand and Water Table Instructions

Instructions for Making donated by Lalita
Pictures for Example Table donated by Lalita

Bell Songs

Song Cards - donated by Dagmar



Copyright Information 
Materials may be used for your own personal and school use. You may alter the contents of these files to suit your educational needs. Materials may not be used for resale.