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      The Advanced Elementary Montessori

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      http://www.alisonsmontessori.com/ - Nienhuis Montessori
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      Shu-Chen Jenny Yen 

      Montessori Teacher's Collective  albums, library, and resources

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      missbarbara.net This website has the great lessons and lesson ideas.


        Observation Form donated by Lisia - Excel format pdf format
        Notes about the observation form.
        Report Cards - donated by Christine 
        Daily Checklist - donated by Tiffany

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        Joyful Child Free E-Book from Michael Olaf website

        Child of the World Free E-book from Michael Olaf website

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        Daisy's Site lots of informative links for Montessori , Homeschooling, and articles














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        Materials may be used for your own personal and school use. You may alter the contents of these files to suit your educational needs. Materials may not be used for resale.

        Montessori Online Groups

        Playschool6 Guided discussion for Montessori Homeschoolers

        Montessori Makers Make Montessori Materials based on the fly lady method. Weekly assignments to help get those materials done!

        Montesori Swap Buy and sell Montessori Materials

        Montessori Books Dr. Maria Montessori Book discussions

        Montessori Preschool at Home Discuss ideas for teaching preschoolers with the Montessori Method.

        Montessori Training

        Montessori & Homeschooling

        Micheal Olaf wonderful website filled with products and information about Homeschooling using the Montessori Method.

        Montessori Mom

        jmjpublishing - member has written her own book called "Montessori Made Easy" and another book called "From Creative Chaos to Livable Learning" this looks like a great book for achieving organization while having a prepared Montessori environment.