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*Free Materials in Purple

Math Materials
Math Page 1, Page 2

Bead Material

Gold Beads B&W version donated by Lisia Black and Grey Bead bars
Bead Material Ones and Tens
Beads: Hundreds & Thousands
Bead Chain Arrows donated Tiffany
100 Bead Chain Arrows donated by Tiffany Bead Chain Arrows donated by Katie...the bright green arrows were added for the units. MUS Bar Stairs Math U See Bar Stairs -
one in black in white and one in color.
Donated by Maggie.

Constructive Triangles  
Template Page 1 donated by Maggie 
Template Page 2 donated by Maggie 
Template Page 3 donated by Maggie 
Blue Constructive Triangles created with the help of Maggie's Template 
Constructive Triangles Box 1 color version (created with the help of Maggie's Template)

Snake Game Demo 

donated by Suzanne
Film Credits to Mathew and Presentation credits to Suzanne.
(Need movie player such as Real One  or Windows Media to view.  They take a while to load.)

Positive Snake Game 1 - Making Tens 
Positive Snake Game 2 - Using the Black and White Remainder Bead Stair
Positive Snake Game 3 - Random Problem
Subtraction Snake Game
Negative Snake Game 1 - Making Negative Tens
Snake Game Problem  - Snake Game with Positive and Negative Beads - Random Problem  



Red Rulers
Blue Rulers

Template for Metal Insets donated by Margaret
Shapes black outline of 6 geometric shapes
Solid Geometric Form Cards 6 solid blue shapes - same color as Neinhaus
Thick Outline Geometric Form Cards
Thin Outline Geometric Form Cards

Teen & Ten Board
Teen Board donated by Lisia (Number Cards to work with the Teen Board)
Ten Board  donated by Lisia (Number Cards to work with the Ten Board)

Date / Time / Money


Date Material donated by Lisia
Days of the Week donated by Tiffany 

Months of the Year donated by Tiffany


20 Clocks cards and labels

Big Movable Clock

Passage of Time Activity  donated by Jules


U.S. Currency 



Copyright Information 
Materials may be used for your own personal and school use. You may alter the contents of these files to suit your educational needs. Materials may not be used for resale.

Strip Board Material

Combination Answer Slips Can be used for Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication

   Addition Charts 3, 4, 5,6   
along with answer chips

       Addition Chart
       Blank Addition Chart

         Subtraction Material