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Language Materials

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Classified Pictures

16 Farm Classified
Picture Cards 
PDF File

Astronaut Classified Cards
PDF File

8 Fireman Classified
 PDF File

40 Shoe Nomenclature Cards PDF File

8 Mail Carrier Classified Cards
 PDF File

**Free  Montessori
Materials are in Purple

Hardware donated by Robin
Tool Box
Parts of the Body donated by Robin 
Farm donated by Robin 
Playroom donated by Robin 
Ocean donated by Robin 
Texas Wild Life donated by Robin 
Cycling donated by Robin 
Park donated by Robin 
Swimming Pool donated by Robin
Birthday Party donated by Robin 
Birds donated by Christine 
Animals 1 donated by Christine 
Animals 2 donated by Christine 
Animals 3 donated by Christine 
Animals 4 donated by Christine 
Zoo Animals donated by Christine







Digraph Bingo

Calling Cards 1 2 3

Homophone /
Compound Words

Homophone Cards donated by Katie Compound Word Cards
compound word cards to form new
words. Donated by Katie.
Compound Word Puzzle Cards
Donated by Mollie

Days of the Week 

Movable Alphabet

Regular Print Moveable Alphabet PDF File 

Hebrew Moveable Alphabet donated by Rachel
Looks like Neinhaus Font donated by Logendra
Times Font Donated by Micki Capital Cursive donated by Susan  Lower Cursive donated by Susan 




























Copyright Information 
Materials may be used for your own personal and school use. You may alter the contents of these files to suit your educational needs. Materials may not be used for resale.

Grammar Cards & Symbols

Grammar Box Package  PDF File
220 cards plus grammar symbols

Grammar Labels: Noun & Adjectives
Grammar word labels & sentences for noun and adjective analysis used with the grammar boxes as described in Hainstocks book. Can also use the grammar symbols with these as well.

Grammar Box Material
Sentence strips for use with the grammar boxes donated by Katie

Detective Adjective Cards Donated by Katie

Noun Family - has definitions of each word and the symbol.  Donated by Tiffany

Three Tenses Chart - present for discussing past, present and future. Donated by Kathy