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*Free Montessori Materials in Purple

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Language Materials
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Sound Box Montessori Phonics exercise. Donated by Micki
Ending Sounds Donated by Trudy
Reading Reflex CardsWord Document - Advanced Code Cards for Reading Reflex

Spelling Command Cards - Donated by Katie  Spelling Test Sheet - Donated by Katie
Spelling Cards Use with Movable alphabet to read and spell.
Word Tile Worksheet donated by Katie...Print 8.5x14 landscape


Capitalization Command Cards2
Donated by Katie
Punctuation Command Cards Donated by Katie

Punctuation Exercise









Creative Writing Prompts - donated by Colleen


Cutting Paper Paper to use for scissor exercise.
Handwriting Paper
Story Paper first 1/2 page is blank for drawing a picture...second half lined for writing.
Scissors Exercise - donated by Tiffany - Tiffany's note, "...Here are the paper colors that they need to print on or something comparable. I guess the main thing is that each one is a different color to differentiate it from the others: #1 - dark yellow,#2 - orange,#3 - dark yellow,#4 - orange,#5 - light yellow,#6 - dark pink,#7 - light yellow,#8 - dark pink,#9 - teal,#10 - light pink,#11 - green,#12 - purple,#13 - green,#14 - purple,  Tiffany :)."

Pink / Blue / Green Cards

Pink Cards
Blue Cards
Green Cards

Alphabet Activites

Alphabet Match
Match letters of the alphabet includes numbers 1-10 as well. Donated by Micki.
Alphabetical Order


Template for Sandpaper Letters:
Print - Lower Case
Print - Capital
     Cursive - Lower Case 

Template Cursive - Capital
Cursive Blends
File 1, File 2 ,File 3

Template for metal insets
template for making metal insets donated by Margaret


Copyright Information 
Materials may be used for your own personal and school use.  Materials may not be used for resale.

Word Lists

Blend Lists donated by Freda


Sight Word Lists Reverse Side - Commonly used groups of words - donated by Colleen

Dolch List Puzzle Words - donated by Colleen

Dolch  Word List 1, List 2-  uses Power Point - donated by Tiffany
(You will need the PowerPoint Viewer if you do not have Power Point.  You can download it
I created these with MS PowerPoint. They are meant to be used as a Powerpoint slide show and the child can move through them as quickly as they are able by pressing the space bar. They could work to improve their own time and also write down words that they need to work on. There are two files. The first has the easier words and the second the harder words.